I Hold It All When I Hold You

It's September 17th 2005, I'm clutching my gig ticket to see The Starting Line at Manchester academy and the open band starts to play.  I've never heard of them and failed to catch their name but they literally blew me away.

After their set, I run to the merch stand to find out who they are, ANBERLIN.  Being a broke musician / college kid myself, I can't afford anything, but I make a mental note of their name to check them out on Myspace and Purevolume as soon as I get home.

They quickly became one of my favourite bands.  This design is inspired by them, the way they've shaped my own music and my own life events.

They played each of their albums during the 2020 lockdowns, and I bought a ticket every-time to watch them perform my favourite songs.  I miss going to shows and live music.  Being in the room with people who are all brought together through their music and message.  Let's hope things change up for this year and for the future so we can get back to doing what we love.

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